I Made ​​a Quilt From Men's Flannel Shirts

Quilt From Flannel Shirts - New Year celebration has come to put an end to Christmas, and birthdays, holidays. Replace old clothes, gifts of new clothes, came into our lives. There is a quick suggestion for a flannel shirt here. Do not throw these shirts, by creating blankets and flannel shirts for men, and then start the new year.

It is possible to mix the plaid flannel shirt from the male to match solid color matching. This means that after combining rectangular box and your knitting patterns, and have a new quilt that will be used to cover or sofa throw for your favorite sporting events.
Men's Flannel Shirts
As a quilt maker, a proposal other than the two above, you have a lot of other people's ideas. Camping trips, hiking trails, fishing, canoeing, you can share with family and friends so as to see through this flannel shirt, so remember the memories of many outdoor activities many others, I checked for this I feel you have.

Study these shirts with a keen eye:

    * Save less worn areas
    * Cut away worn and stained areas
    * Save buttons, cuffs, and pockets which are in good condition

Making a quilt with men's flannel shirts will be rather easy to do.

    * Choose your favorite quilting pattern
    * Cut squares, rectangles, and strips
    * Count how many of each cut are available
    * Decide how many pieces are missing
    * Purchase coordinating colors to complete quilting design
    * Hand stitch, machine stitch or use a combination of these sewing techniques
    * Enjoy your quilt made with men's flannel shirts

Other benefits of using not so worn out shirts include:

    * It is readily available and free
    * All family members can donate their unwanted flannel shirts
    * It will be a unique memory quilt

You may not need to have a border and a layered design as records that have been added. You if you want to use your accent with a square border corresponds to a special outdoor activity you as a border drawn with fabric patterns.

You if it is not possible to show off your precious memories of them, to find the border to accentuate the covers you would rather consider making an appropriate applique. Add quilt batting, replace the covers, and improve the finishing touches.

(If you want to) name, address, name, other important items you want to include in your quilt is dated. Can be a future heirloom for the family more time than not make flannel blankets and shirts for men men from
 your family to wear.

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